Wilma Pot Systems

Wilma Pot Systems

Wilma Pot Systems are top feed hydroponics drip systems that can accommodate any growing media in the square pots. These compact units have a tank with a moulded top tray fitted that supports your pots. The nutrient solution is pumped up through irrigation lines running to the top and drippers emit your solution into your growing media. The top tray that the pots are sat on has many drainage holes to allow any excess solution to run freely back into the tank below and re-circulate.

Wilma 4 Pot System

The Wilma 4 Pot System comes with 11 litre pots for your plants to be grown in using either soil, coco or a hydroponic media like clay pebbles. This little system fits neatly into a 90 x 90cm grow tent and requires just one grow light to be hung above, a great active system for any hobby grower who wishes to use pots.

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Wilma Big 4 Pot System

The Wilma Big 4 Pot System is designed for you to grow and deliver large yields from your plants. This 4 plant drip system can be used with 6 litre pots to start and then you can re-pot your plants into the 18 litre pots that are provided with the system to allow for more root growth and a much bigger and better yield.

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Wilma 8 Pot System

The Wilma 8 Pot System is a popular top feed drip system with growers who use one 600w grow light in a 1.2 grow tent. The system can be positioned neatly in the centre to allow the plants plenty of room to develop inside the tent so they can all receive plenty of the light that is provided to help produce a good yield.

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Wilma 16 Pot System

The Wilma 16 Pot System can fit inside a 1.2 grow tent, but in our opinion it is far more suitable to be placed inside a 1.5 grow tent as it will allow your plants much more room to develop and also allow the air to circulate more freely amongst the plants to help prevent any problems occuring during their flowering period.

From: 170.00

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