Vent TT Hydroponic Fans

Vent TT Hydroponic Fans
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If you are looking for a low cost solution to remove hot stale air from your grow room or supply fresh air into your grow room, these Vent TT budget hydroponic fans are your answer.

Vent TT budget hydroponic fans are manufactured from a durable plastic, which results in an extremely robust inline fan that is capable of moving large volumes of air very quietly. The fan is held in a bracket which your ducting connects to either side. The bracket can be wall mounted or if preferred it can be mounted on a ceiling.

This design allows you to easily access the motor and blades of the fan for cleaning without removing the ducting. It is also very useful if you wish to place an ONA odour block inside your ducting outlet for extra neutralisation of any odours escaping, just undo the clips and pull out the fan and you can quickly place a new block in your duct as and when it is needed.

Vent TT budget hydroponic fans have two speed settings. Connecting the live wire to the L1 connection will run the fan at its slow speed and connecting the live wire to the L2 connection will run the fan at its full speed.

A cable and plug are supplied with each fan and some basic wiring will be required. If you are in any doubt, consult a qualified electrician first.

Rated Air Flow
4" (100mm) - 187m3/hr

5" (125mm) - 280m3/hr

6" (150mm) - 552m3/hr

G20139  Vent TT Hydroponic Fan - 4" (100mm) 39.95
G20140  Vent TT Hydroponic Fan - 5" (125mm) 44.95
G20142  Vent TT Hydroponic Fan - 6" (150mm) 64.95

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