Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Oscillating Pedestal Fan
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When plants are grown indoors they will require the air inside the grow room to be circulated around, to prevent it from becoming too hot and humid and these Oscillating Pedestal Fans will happily stand there all day to do exactly that for you.

These Oscillating Pedestal Fans have 16" blades that can rotate at three different speeds that you can set by the push of a button. The fan can be held in position on the stand to direct the air flow in only one direction or it can be set to oscillate and move the air much further around in different directions and you can also adjust the angle of the fan to blow slightly down over your canopy or up on your grow lights. The stand is also adjustable to allow you to control the height of the fan so it is just above your plant canopy.

G2044  Oscillating Pedestal Fan - 16" 19.95

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