Root Pruning Pots

Root Pruning Pots
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Root Pruning Pots are by far the most popular choice of air pot with growers who are looking to increase their yield without increasing pot size and growing media.

These high quality thick plastic Root Pruning Pots are circular in shape but they are not perfectly round. This design prevents the roots from circling inside the pot and drives them towards the open slits moulded all around the outside and base of the pot.

Once the tip of a root exits the media and slit and comes into contact with the air it will be naturally air pruned and will stop growing, but don't panic as this will send a signal back to the plant to encourage new secondary root growth back along the root inside the media, dramatically increasing the mass of roots internally inside the media and pot.

The benefit to this whole process is to increase the internal root mass, to allow the plant to be able to uptake more of the water and nutrients that are supplied to it, to encourage the plant to grow faster, bigger and stronger and produce a much better yield.

Dimensions - Diameter x Depth:

3 litre - 16 x 14cm

7.5 litre - 26 x 22cm

9.5 litre - 29 x 24cm

12 litre - 30 x 26cm

20 litre - 34 x 28cm

G0936  Root Pruning Pot - 3 litre 1.00
G0937  Root Pruning Pot - 7.5 litre 1.50
G0938  Root Pruning Pot - 9.5 litre 2.00
G0939  Root Pruning Pot - 12 litre 2.50
G0940  Root Pruning Pot - 20 litre 3.00

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