Irrigation Drippers & Stakes

Irrigation Drippers & Stakes
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Irrigation Drippers and stakes can be used to hold your drip lines in your media and deliver your nutrient solution exactly where you want it to go.

Blue irrigation drippers have a large hole at the top to release plenty of water fast, which works perfectly when you are using clay pebbles or a rockwool growing media.

Black irrigation drippers are used for soil or coco substrates as they release the water much slower, to ensure that no over watering will occur.

Top Tip
If your irrigation drippers tend to fall out of your media you can always use a drip stake to hold it more firmly in place.

G2220  Hydro Dripper 0.30
G2221  Soil/Coco Dripper 0.30
G2222  Drip Stake 0.25

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