Irrigation Drip Line Nipple

Irrigation Drip Line Nipple
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If you wish to create your own irrigation line to feed your plants and you want to attach drip line to a much larger pipe from your pump, you can use these 5mm drip line nipples.

All you do is simply punch a hole into your main pipe and insert a 5mm drip line nipple into the hole. On the other end of the nipple that is sticking out of your main pipe you can connect your drip line and run it to where ever you require.

Top Tip
If you are running a main line from a pump across the floor and you are attaching multiple drip lines to feed several plants, be sure to keep all the drip lines the same length to ensure the flow of nutrient solution is equal to every plant.

G2224  Irrigation Drip Line Nipple 0.15

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