Powdered Bud Blood

Powdered Bud Blood
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If you are growing plants that produce flowers or fruits, you will want them to set as quickly as possible, to allow them to develop well in the remainder of your cycle and deliver a bountiful harvest. So give your plants the head start they need and provide them with some Bud Blood as soon as your light cycle changes for the flowering period.

Advanced Nutrients developed Powdered Bud Blood to quickly establish flowering sites on your plants and Bud Blood also helps to reduce excessive vegetative growth during the early stages of flowering, giving you greater control over the finishing height of your plants.

Powdered Bud Blood is compatible to use with any brand of hydroponic nutrients.

How To Use
Powdered Bud Blood should be added into your nutrient solution for the first week of the flowering period.

Add 10g to 20 litres of water and mix well.

G1674  Powdered Bud Blood - 40g 12.00

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