Grodan Rockwool Hugo Blocks

Grodan Rockwool Hugo Blocks
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Hugo Blocks are Grodan's answer to a pot and they can be used for various types of hydroponics cultivation.

Grodan Rockwool Hugo Blocks are 6" cubes with a pre-drilled 40mm hole that will fit any propagation plug you wish to use, SBS cubes, Root Riots or Jiffy Peat Pellets, but obviously they are better suited with SBS cubes.

Hugo Blocks can be used alone in a saucer or tray and hand fed passively or they can be used in any hydroponic system they fit, to allow you to grow your plants extremely big.

Top Tip
Hugo Blocks are slightly alkaline and should be pre-soaked in an acidic solution of 5.5-5.8 for 24 hours before use.

G1417  Grodan Rockwool Hugo Blocks 2.25
G1418  Grodan Rockwool Hugo Blocks - Box of 48 95.00

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