Drip Potz Stand Saucer & Filter

Drip Potz Stand Saucer & Filter
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Drip Potz moulded stands and saucers are perfect for any pot of any shape that fits into the saucer, square or round plastic pot, Root Pouch or Root pruning pots. The design also allows you to easily view the run off from your pots when watering, without moving any parts.

The moulded stand elevates the saucer high enough to allow any excess nutrient solution from your pots to drain from the saucer.

The moulded saucers are 32cm in diameter with a 4cm wall, they have a sunken hole moulded in the centre to fit a drain gland, which allows all the excess solution to completely drain from the saucer and leave it dry.

The filter screen can be placed into the saucer with your chosen pot sat on top to prevent any debris entering the drain pipe and blocking it. These filters can easily be removed to clean at any time by simply lifting your pot.

To run a drain line from the saucer all you need is a 16mm elbow to fit into the drain gland and some pipe to lead out from the fitting under the stand.

G0236  Drip Potz Stand 6.50
G0237  Drip Potz Saucer 32cm 2.50
G0238  Drip Potz Filter Screen 1.20

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