Maxi Jet MJ Pumps

Maxi Jet MJ Pumps
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Maxi Jet MJ pumps are by far the most popular pumps used in the UK for hydroponics.

These neat little pumps are so reliable and that is why they are fitted in so many different hydroponic systems available.

Maxi Jet MJ pumps offer you high performance with a low, power consumption and they are resin encapsulated to provide a sealed unit that is very quiet. These pumps may be used externally outside your tank with your inlet and outlet pipes fitted, but more commonly they are sub-merged internally inside your tank with just an outlet pipe fitted. They come with suction feet to hold the pump in place in your tank and eliminate any vibration and the outlet on the pump can also be positioned in a horizontal or vertical position, to allow irrigation lines to be fitted from above or from the side.

If you need to move your nutrient solution efficiently to feed your hydroponically grown plants, push a Maxi Jet MJ Pump onto your irrigation line, we highly recommend them.

Top Tip
Always turn your pump off at the mains before you put your hand into your tank of water.

Flow Rating
MJ500 - 480 l/hr

MJ1000 - 1000 l/hr

G2111  Maxi Jet MJ500 Pump 19.50
G2113  Maxi Jet MJ1000 Pump 26.95

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