Fortefog Bug Bomb P Fumer

Fortefog Bug Bomb P Fumer
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Fortefog P Fumers are insecticidal smoke generators, which are used for controlling a wide range of flying and crawling insect pests that are situated in hard to reach places in your grow room.

Fortefog P Fumers also known as bug bombs are manufactured here in the UK and contain Permethrin as the active insecticide killing ingredient. The special non sparking fuse system makes them safe to use indoors and will leave no residual smell or deposit after use.

How To Use
Turn off your extraction system when you use a Fortefog P Fumer.

Peel off the lid and place on your grow room floor.

Light the fuse and leave the room, closing the door behind you.

Mini Fortefog Fumer - Treats up to 120m3
Midi Fortefog Fumer - Treats up to 400m3

G2405  Fortefog Bug Bomb P Fumer - Mini 3.5g 5.00
G2406  Fortefog Bug Bomb P Fumer - Midi 11g 8.50

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