Canna Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic
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If you wish to stimulate and increase the growth of your plant roots you need to use Canna Rhizotonic.

Canna Rhizotonic is a powerful fresh sea algae based root stimulator that also works as a stress reliever for your plants. It is composed of more than 60 biological substances and critical trace elements and vitamins are instantly absorbable.

Canna Rhizotonic can be used to help recover stressed plants, transplants and unhealthy and poorly developed plants. It will push the plant into producing large numbers of strong healthy roots, increase resistance to disease and also promote healthy strong plants inside and out.

Canna Rhizotonic can be used with any growing substrate and any type of hydroponic or aeroponic system.

How To Use
Rooted seedlings or cuttings

Add 4ml per litre of water for first week.

Add 2ml per litre of water for second week.

After this period add only 1ml per litre of water.

Add 2-4ml per litre of water and mist your plants in low light conditions or just before they are due to turn off.

G1722  Canna Rhizotonic - 250ml 10.50
G1723  Canna Rhizotonic - 1 litre 27.00
G1724  Canna Rhizotonic - 5 litre 122.50

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