Maxi Jet MC Pumps

Maxi Jet MC Pumps
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If you are looking for a small reliable submersible pump for your hydroponic system or aquarium, look no further as you have found it. Maxi Jet MC pumps are our smallest pumps and quite simply the best on the market of their size, silent running with no vibration and very low running costs.

Maxi Jet MC pumps have an adjustable gate to control the rate water is allowed to flow through the pump and there is also an internal filter fitted, which can be removed easily and should be cleaned regularly.

MC Pumps are supplied with a fitting that inserts easily into the pump at the top and it is used to connect to your 12mm irrigation pipe to the pump, so it can be fitted and removed easily for when you need to clean the pump filter.

Maximum Flow Rating
MC320 - 320 l/hr

MC450 - 420 l/hr

G2109  Maxi Jet MC320 Pump 11.95
G2110  Maxi Jet MC450 Pump 14.95

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