Canna Bio Boost

Canna Bio Boost
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Canna developed Bio Boost to complete their certified organic range of nutrients and soil and to help boost your plants for a bumper crop.

Canna Bio Boost is made with 100% natural ingredients. It is an organic bloom stimulant that can be used with any organic soil or coco substrate and it will increase the metabolism of your plants when they are in the production stage of flower development, to help boost the flower production and size and also the plants sugar content and it should be used from the moment your buds start to form.

Enhance the size, colour and taste from your organic crop with a splash of Bio Boost in the nutrient solution.

Canna Bio Boost is full of bio-active ingredients and should not be used with any products containing hydrogen peroxide.

How To Use
Canna Bio Boost is used as an additive with your regular organic bloom nutrients.

Shake well before use and add at the rate of 2ml per litre of solution.

For extra strength at peak flowering use Bio Boost at the rate of 4ml per litre of solution.

G1609  Canna Bio Boost - 250ml 15.95
G1610  Canna Bio Boost - 1 litre 45.00

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