Acoustic Insulated Ducting

Acoustic Insulated Ducting
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If you wish to run your ventilation system in your grow room as quiet as possible, among other things you will need to use Acoustic Insulated Ducting.

Acoustic Insulated Ducting is manufactured with Rockwool fibres for the insulation, which is sandwiched between an inner and outer wall of aluminium ducting. The ducting is suitable to operate with air stream temperatures of -30c to +250c.

Acoustic Insulated Ducting offers much more noise reduction as the air travels through, when compared to standard aluminium ducting, due to its insulated properties. Acoustic Insulated Ducting will also eliminate interference from high and low temperatures around it , allowing the air that is drawn through not to be affected and increase or decrease in temperature.

Top Tip
When connecting Acoustic Insulated Ducting, first pull back the outer sheath of foil and insulation and fix the inside layer of foil ducting, first to the fitting with a jubilee clip. Then pull the outer layers back over onto the fitting and fix in position with some foil tape.

G2067  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 4" (100mm) - 1 metre 3.50
G2068  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 4" (100mm) - 10 metre box 32.50
G2069  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 5" (125mm) - 1 metre 3.75
G2070  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 5" (125mm) - 10 metre box 35.00
G2071  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 6" (150mm) - 1 metre 4.25
G2072  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 6" (150mm) - 10 metre box 40.00
G2073  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 8" (200mm) - 1 metre 5.00
G2074  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 8" (200mm) - 10 metre box 47.50
G2075  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 10" (250mm) - 1 metre 5.50
G2076  Acoustic Insulated Ducting - 10" (250mm) - 10 metre box 52.50

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