Measuring Pipettes

Measuring Pipettes
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When growing hydroponically you will regularly need to measure out various liquid solutions and the easiest way to do this is with a measuring pipette.

Pipettes are an essential tool for increased accuracy and dosage control and these pipettes have 1ml levels marked for clear viewing of the amounts drawn into the pipette and they can deliver your solution in droplets.

Top Tip
Pipettes are a great tool for administering your PH solutions into your water as it can require very small amounts of PH up or down to make the adjustments.

If using both PH up and PH down solutions we highly recommend you use a pipette for each solution to avoid contamination, as it is not wise to mix PH up and down undiluted together.

G2706  Measuring Pipette - 3ml 0.15
G2707  Measuring Pipette - 5ml 0.25

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