The BioCanna range of organic nutrients, additives and media is RHP certified 100% organic, so if you wish to grow your crops totally organic from beginning to end we highly recommend you try these BioCanna products as they will provide you with a much sweeter harvest.

Canna Bio Rhizotonic

Canna Bio Rhizotonic is a 100% organic vegetable based root stimulator, used for seedlings, cuttings and poorly developed young plants. Canna Bio Rhizotonic can be applied to any organic soil and coco media and it can also be used as a foliar feed, applied to the underside of your leaves in low light conditions.

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Canna Bio Nutrients

Canna Bio is a 100% organic nutrient that is packed full of proteins, fruit acids and vitamins. Canna Bio Vega is for the growing stage and contains a formula that produces lush healthy growth. Canna Bio Flores is used for the flowering or fruiting stage and contains hop extract for that extra bit of strength to be provided.

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Canna Bio Boost

Canna Bio Boost is a 100% organic bloom stimulant, that is used when your flowers appear in the fruiting stages of your plants cycle. Canna Bio Boost is a great organic product that is packed full of bio-active ingredients, to help increase the weight and also enhance the flavour from your organically grown crops.

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Canna Organic PH Down

Canna Organic PH Down is used to lower the PH value in an organic nutrient solution. A great organic product that every organic grower should be using as it is made from citric acids only and does not contain any harmful nitric or phosphoric acids that are not really suitable for use with organic nutrients.

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Canna Bio Terra Professional Plus

Canna Bio Terra Professional Plus is made from 100% natural materials and is an excellent choice for organic plant cultivation. This organic soil is so light and airy your roots and plants develop very quickly. We recommend you use this soil with the Canna Bio range of nutrients and additives for the best organic results.

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