Plant Health Products

Plant Health Products

The health of your plants is very important for them to grow and produce a bountiful harvest. Plants are pushed to their limits with hydroponics to grow as fast as they can and any shock or illness can significantly slow down the process or even kill them. Plants that have suffered in any way, from transplanting, disease, lack of water or nutrient deficiencies, should be quickly treated with plant health products to help revive them and allow them to regain back to their full potential.

Plant Magic Plus Essence

Essence is a great kit from Plant Magic Plus that contains all you need to create a foliar spray with a highly concentrated bio-culture that contains over 20 strains of beneficial micro organism's that will colonise the leaf surface to promote healthier growth and combat a variety of fungal infections, like mildew or botrytis.

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Superthrive has been around for many, many years and is used worldwide by growers as an excellent plant tonic. Superthrive is packed full of vitamins and hormones that can assist your plants in many ways and it can be used with your regular nutrients to help boost your plants throughout their whole cycle.

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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a formula of a blend of inert nutritional salts and natural bacteria that is derived from enzymes. Guardian Angel will help to protect your plant roots from Pythium, and is a great product to use in your nutrient solution during very warm weather to help prevent your roots from infection in these conditions.

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Bud Rot Stop

Bud Rot Stop is a broad application leaf conditioner, that conditions the leaf surface to ensure it is able to defend itself against any fungal attacks. Bud Rot Stop is a concentrate that is diluted with water and applied as a spray to your plants just before your lights turn off and it can be used throughout the flowering cycle.

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Revive is a great product from Advanced Nutrients that is a superb powerful tonic and it is used to treat any stressed plants. Revive is used as a corrective measure to repair damaged or stressed plants and it will also help to correct the most common nutrient deficiencies that occur, a great product to have ready just incase.

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Biobizz Leafcoat

Biobizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic plant nutrient that helps to strengthen your plants to fight against any fungi and diseases. Biobizz Leaf Coat should be applied to the underside of your leaves just as your lights are due to turn off to avoid the full light and should be applied once a week to fully benefit your plants.

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Block Clean

Essentials Block Clean ready to use spray is designed to keep your growing media free from any unwanted green biomass throughout the whole cycle. When any green biomass has formed on the top surface of your media, a light spray with Block Clean will soon make it disappear and it is safe for your plants as well.

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Guard 'n' Aid Rot Stop

Guard 'n' Aid Rot Stop is a 100% natural product that contains naturally occurring bacteria to promote root health and also the plant health, when you are growing in hydroponic systems. Applying this product into your solution will help to guard your roots from any bad fungal or bacterial infections that can cause root rot.

From: 15.00

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