House & Garden Top Shooter Gel

House & Garden Top Shooter Gel
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House & Garden have gained a reputation around the world for producing consistent, reliable products that work extremely well and Top Shooter Gel is certainly one of them.

Top Shooter Gel is a liquid form of Shooting Powder that contains the same active ingredients and it is produced in a gel form to allow you to use much smaller quantaties when mixing your nutrient solution.

Top Shooter Gel should be used in the final stages of the flowering period to force the plants into a new stage of flower growth before you harvest, without compromising the final quality of your flowers or fruits.

How To Use
Add 1ml per litre of water for the last three weeks of the flowering period before you flush your plants.

G16101  House & Garden Top Shooter Gel - 250ml 36.95
G16102  House & Garden Top Shooter Gel - 500ml 59.95
G16103  House & Garden Top Shooter Gel - 1 litre 104.95

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