Fungus Gnat Off

Fungus Gnat Off
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Fungus Gnat Off is a high potency formula that is designed to control and eradicate blackfly larvae infestations in your growing media and plant roots.

Fungus Gnat Off is a very safe non-toxic way to combat blackfly larvae infestations. It produces a toxin that prevents the larvae from feeding, which results in their death and eventually eradicates the problem.

Blackfly can be a real pain and when their larvae nestle within the root system of your plants they can cause a lot of problems. The larvae will start eroding down the root system of your plants, making them unable to uptake the water and nutrients they require, which results in the roots and plants slowly dying off.

Top Tip
We highly reccomend you use sticky fly traps in your grow room to catch any adult fungus gnats that may be flying around and laying more eggs.

How To Use
Fungus Gnat Off can be used in all hydroponic systems, soil and coco and should be added to your nutrient tank or watering can at the rate of 1ml per litre of water.

G2402  Fungus Gnat Off - 250ml - OUT OF STOCK 15.50

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