Drip 36 Potz System

Drip 36 Potz System
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The Drip 36 Potz is a top feed hydroponics dripper system, designed to be used with any pot of any size that fits into the saucer and also with any type of growing media you choose, hydroponics, soil or coco. It is available with round or square pots, Root Pouch's or Root Pruning pots and it is also available without any pots at all, just in case you already have some.

The Drip 36 Potz delivers your stored nutrient solution from the main tank to the pots through pipes and drippers placed directly into the top of the growing media. Gravity will draw it down through the media and the excess solution can run freely into the saucer. A filter fitted into the saucer prevents any debris entering the drain pipes and blocking them to allow the excess to completely drain from the saucer, leaving no puddles. You can easily view the run off from each pot without lifting them, to ensure all the plants in the system are being fed evenly and correctly.

Once the excess solution has entered the drain pipes it can then travel into the Header Return Potz which is fitted with an MJ pump and a float switch which are both connected together inside a waterproof electrical box, fitted outside the Potz. As the excess solution enters the Header Return Potz and raises the float switch it will automatically turn on the MJ pump and remove the excess solution from the system through a pipe. This pipe can be placed into the main reservoir to re-circulate the excess solution or it can be placed into another tank or drain to run the excess solution to waste.

The Drip 36 Potz is supplied complete with a 200 litre tank and an Ecotechnics minute timer and Grasslin segmental timer to provide far more accuracy with your feeding times.

Dimensions including tank: 4 x 2.9 metre

Watch a video of setting up a Drip Potz System.

G0216  Drip 36 Potz System - No Pots 750.00
G0217  Drip 36 Potz System - Round Pots 13.5 litre 800.00
G0218  Drip 36 Potz System - Square Pots 18 litre 830.00
G0219  Drip 36 Potz System - Root Pruning Pot 12 litre 830.00

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