Hydroponics Books

Hydroponics Books

If you are new to growing indoors with hydroponics, coco or even soil, you may find things a little bit confusing. There are many factors that will equate to your success and with an investment from your hard earned money you want to get things right. The best way for any grower new or old, is to learn hands on and experience things for yourself, but to get you off to a good start hydroponics books can save hours of confusion and anguish and help guide you along the way to growing a bumper crop.

Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics

This book is the Bible of all growing books and covers every subject you can imagine, it is packed full of colour images, drawings and also charts and shows how to set up a grow room, use various systems, nutrients and additives, control the environment, plant problems and much more, the best buy you'll make.

From: 19.95

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Gardening Indoors with Co2

Co2 provided indoors to your garden can significantly increase the health and yield from your plants. This is a very good book that is easy to read and is all about enriching your plants with the gas Carbon Dioxide. If you are planning to use Co2 then we recommend this book highly.

From: 5.50

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Gardening Indoors with Cuttings

If you are planning to keep a donor plant for cuttings to be taken from you may need some help and advice for setting up a propagation room. This book offers a step-by-step guide for building a propagation room to take and grow your very own plant cuttings.

From: 5.50

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Gardening Indoors with Rockwool

Indoor hydroponic gardening with Rockwool is a very popular method and offers a clean, disease free substrate to grow your plants in quickly and easily. This book gives a clear understanding of how to use rockwool and the benefits you can achieve.

From: 5.50

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