ONA Odour Control

ONA Odour Control
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ONA odour control products have been available since 1995 and they have become a trusted friend with many hydroponic growers.

ONA blocks and gels are both formulated from a unique combination of essential oils that will effectively neutralize virtually any odour. The essential oils are derived from plants and trees and are environmentally friendly.

ONA blocks and gels release their own fresh and pleasant odour into the air which neutralizes any molecules in the air with a bad odour, quickly removing any unpleasant smells.

ONA blocks can be placed into your ducting on your extraction system and gels can be placed just outside your grow room to help eliminate any bad odours that escape and you can always cut the blocks and scoop out the gel to disperse the fresh ONA odours more around your home.

G2716  ONA Odour Control - Pro Block 6oz 8.95
G2717  ONA Odour Control - Fresh Linen Block 6oz 8.95
G2718  ONA Odour Control - Pro Gel 1 Litre 15.50
G2719  ONA Odour Control - Fresh Linen Gel 1 Litre 15.50
G2720  ONA Odour Control - Pro Gel 4 Litre 41.95
G2721  ONA Odour Control - Fresh Linen Gel 4 Litre 41.95

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