Irrigation Fittings & Pipe

Irrigation Fittings & Pipe

Growing several plants at once can be quite tedious to keep hand watering them every day. A hydroponics irrigation feed line can be easily assembled to connect to a pump and smaller irrigation drip lines can be fitted to the main line to run off to each pot and emit your nutrient solution from drippers, directly to where it is needed. We have a great selection of irrigation pipe and fittings that will allow you to create an irrigation system of any size to use indoors or outdoors to feed your plants daily.

Irrigation Pipe

This irrigation pipe is great to use when building your own irrigation systems to feed your plants and it can be used indoors for your hydroponics garden and also outdoors for irrigation lines to feed hanging baskets, pots and borders. This irrigation pipe is available in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm and sold by the metre.

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Torsino Hosepipe

Torsino NTS irrigation hosepipe is the best available, it is a knot free and kink resistant, flexible PVC braided hose with a black inner lining that is an anti algea, U.V. and non toxic hose. Torsino pipe has much more flexibilty than regular pipe and it can be used with our 16mm fittings to make your very own irrigation system.

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Irrigation Inline Filter

This handy little filter can be fitted inline into your irrigation watering system to prevent any debris from the main tank entering the lines and blocking them. It has a fine plastic insert which should be removed regularly and cleaned to allow the correct flow of nutrient solution to pass through to feed your plants.

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Irrigation Pipe Reducers

Irrigation pipe reducers can be used to connect two different size pipes together very easily. These are great for large irrigation feed lines that need to be down sized along the way to maintain the pressure of water flowing through the pipes to provide an equal delivery of solution to each outlet that is available.

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Irrigation Barbed Elbow

Irrigation barbed elbows are great to use when you need to direct your irrigation feed line or drain line around or into a sharp corner, and these elbows are also double barbed and will seal tightly into your pipe to prevent any leaks. Irrigation barbed elbows come in 12, 16 and 20mm sizes, 16mm fits neatly into garden hose.

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Irrigation Barbed Equal T

An irrigation barbed equal T can be used to branch off from your main irrigation line for you to run new irrigation lines to another area in your growroom or outdoor garden. Simply cut your existing feed line and insert an equal T in the position you want the new feed line to run off to and connect it to some more irrigation pipe.

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Irrigation Barbed Stop End

Irrigation barbed stop ends are used to cap the ends of your irrigation pipe lines to prevent any water escaping. When you are creating your own irrigation system you will probably need to cover the ends of some pipes so the water is pushed out of the correct delivery holes and these stop ends will do the job nicely for you.

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Irrigation Barbed Flow Tap

Irrigation barbed flow taps are great to use in irrigation delivery systems where the water can be transported through to several pipes that are branched off from the main header pipe, the flow taps can be fitted into each branch line to control the flow of water allowed through to maintain an equal delivery of solution.

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Irrigation Barbed Connector

Irrigation barbed connectors are great to use if you need to extend your existing irrigation lines in your growroom or outdoor garden. Barbed connectors simply push into your existing pipe and the new pipe extension can be pushed onto the other end of the connector for a strong, tight connection with both pipes.

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Irrigation Outlet Connector

This outlet connector can be used with our Torsino hose and 4mm drip line to create your own irrigation delivery system to automatically water your plants daily and save you the tedious task of hand watering them yourself. All you need is a tank, pump, drippers, stop end and as many outlet connectors as you need.

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Irrigation Drippers & Stakes

Irrigation drippers and stakes are great to use when you are making your own irrigation top feed drip system. These drippers and stakes can be used with 3mm drip line connected to them which allows you to position them exactly in the growing media where you want the nutrient solution to be delivered.

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Irrigation Drip Line

Irrigation drip line can be used along with other fittings and pipe to create your very own irrigation system to feed your potted plants indoors or your hanging baskets outdoors. Irrigation drip line can be connected to 5mm nipple outlets and the nipples fitted into your main header pipe, this allows you to choose where they go.

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Irrigation Drip Line Nipple

When making your own irrigation system to feed your plants, you can use these 5mm nipples to easily connect some drip line to your main pipe from your pump. A punch is required to provide a tight sealing hole in the main pipe for the nipple to be pushed into and you can connect your drip line to the other end.

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Irrigation Goof Plug

Irrigation goof plugs are a very handy item to have when you are creating your own irrigation drip system. Goof plugs can cap drip lines that are not needed, so you can create many more drip lines than necessary and plug them for later use, just incase you plan to later extend your garden and require more feeding points.

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Irrigation Hole Punch

When making your own irrigation system with drip line and nipples, a hole punch can be a very handy tool to have. These punches will pierce a hole suitable for our irrigation nipples to fit tightly into your main pipe and your drip line can be connected easily to the other end of the nipples ensuring there are no leaks.

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Flood & Drain Fittings

These fittings are used mainly for Flood and Drain top trays, but they can suit many other purposes as well. They come with a rubber grommet to ensure there are no leaks and they have barbed outlets to easily connect some pipe to them. These are great for connecting two tanks together to create a larger reservoir.

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Flood & Drain Spacer

These flood and drain spacers are 35mm in length and are used to fit inside flood and drain fittings to raise the height of your overflow. This allows the tray to flood with your nutrient solution to a certain height and excess solution not required can escape into the overflow when reached and run back to the tank.

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Flood & Drain Top Screen

PPI Flood and Drain top screens are used most commonly for flood and drain tray systems. They are inserted into 35mm spacers or the inlet and outlet fittings in the tray and they help to prevent any growing media from entering and blocking the pipes and stopping the flooding and draining of the system.

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Irrigation Micro Sprinkler

These micro sprinklers are great to use for an irrigation system if you want to deliver your nutrient solution to cover a large area. The pressure of water escaping through the sprinkler enables them to spin fast and spread your solution which allows less outlets to be fitted and still cover your outdoor garden and plants.

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