Heated Plant Propagator

Heated Plant Propagator
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If you are planning to raise seedlings or cuttings in a propagator but your environment may be a bit to cool, you will need to use a Heated Plant Propagator as it will help you to create and maintain the correct temperature and humid environment for your seedlings and cuttings to root and develop well.

These Heated Propagators have a 22-watt sealed heating unit in the durable base tray that will keep the temperatures maintained perfectly. The crystal clear high top cover allows your plants to remain inside the propagator for a long period and with vents fitted in the lid, you can easily control the humidity and air temperature inside, they really are a great piece of kit.

Fitted with a plug and ready to use, this Heated Propagator is a perfect size to use with a small T5 light or a Maxibright PL2.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 28 x 52 x 42cm

G1712  Heated Plant Propagator 33.50

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