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Nitrozyme is a powerful and pure organic growth enhancer that is a highly concentrated product extracted from marine plants, and it also contains a vast array of natural organic growth enhancers.

Nitrozyme can be used for soil, coco and hydroponically grown plants at all stages of growth to enhance them, but the best reason to use Nitrozyme is for foliar feeding your mother plants, as it provides many lush new shoots to form.

Applying Nitrozyme to your mother plants foliage a few weeks before you are due to take any cuttings, will have a beneficial effect as you will have many more young shoots to choose from.

How To Use
Foliar feeding - Add 5ml per litre of water and apply in low light.

Soil/Coco - Add 2ml per litre of water.

Hydroponics - Add 5ml per litre of water.

G1721  Nitrozyme - 300ml 12.95

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