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Maxibright 600w Grow Light

If you are looking for a safe and reliable low cost light, try this Maxibright 600w grow light. The kit consists of a Maxibright compact ballast, Euro reflector and a Sunmaster dual spectrum lamp. These are all top quality lighting components that are offered together at a great low price to help get you growing.

From: 79.95

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DWC 6 Potz System

The DWC 6 Potz is our most popular size deep water system sold to hobby growers. It re-circulates the nutrient solution around inside permanently or at timed intervals and an air pump and stones supplied with the system will deliver the maximum amount of oxygen required for your plants to thrive in this great unit.

From: 300.00

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Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kits

If you are on a tight budget when setting up your indoor hydroponic grow room, dont panic. We have several items on our site that are of low cost and this budget extraction kit is one of them. The kit will happily remove the hot stale air from your grow room whilst trapping any unwanted odours and pollens in the carbon filter.

From: 69.95

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House & Garden Aqua Flakes

Aqua Flakes are a two part base nutrient that is used for both the growth stage of your plants and also the flowering stage with additional House & Garden additives and boosts used to increase your yield. Aqua Flakes are designed for use with re-circulating hydroponic systems and they help you to produce some great results.

From: 14.95

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Root Pouch Fabric Pots

Root Pouch are fabric degradable pots that can be washed and reused in your garden for several years. These fabric pots allow more air to circulate in and around the root zone of your plants, allowing them to breath far easier than being contained in a regular plastic pot with no air holes in the sides.

From: 0.75

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Root Pruning Pots

Root pruning pots encourage the internal root structure of your plants to develop a lot more than normal pots. As the roots become visible from the slits they are air pruned, which makes your plants root structure grow more internally, enabling your plants to uptake more nutrients that are applied to produce a better yield.

From: 1.00

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Prima Klima Lucilu Reflector

The Lucilu is an adjustable glass coated reflector, that is highly reflective and it has multiple wide and narrow hanging positions for focusing the light directly over your plants. The Lucilu is a top quality reflector from Prima Klima that matches the well known Adjust-A-Wing on performance, but it beats it on price.

From: 49.95

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Bluelab EC Pen

The Bluelab EC pen accurately measures the water temperature and the electrical conductivity that flows through the water when you have added the nutrients. This tells you exactly how strong the feed is, that is available to your plants. This pen is fully waterproof and has a clear backlit LCD screen to make viewing easier.

From: 59.00

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Bluelab PH Pen

The Bluelab PH pen accurately measures the PH level in your nutrient solution and also the temperature, enabling you to keep your solution at the optimum level so that your plants can maximise their nutrient uptake and thrive. A compact pen that displays the Ph level and water tempreature on an LCD backlit screen.

From: 69.00

Bluelab PH Penmore

Maxibright Parabolic Reflector

This parabolic reflector from Maxibright is designed to give an even distribution of light across your plant canopy and it does this extremely well. The lamp is hung in a vertical burning position inside the umbrella shaped reflector to maximise the light output efficiently and it can be used with any size lamp you require.

From: 45.00

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