Maxibright DigiLight Digital Ballasts

Maxibright DigiLight Digital Ballasts
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If you haven't made the switch to digital yet, we recommend you do as there are many benefits to running digital ballasts, when compared to standard core coil ballasts and Maxibright Digilight Ballasts provide them all.

Maxibright Digilight Ballasts are compact and a lightweight design, that are silent when they run. The ballasts are RF shielded and they have soft start technology with a low start up current built in, which helps to prolong the lifespan of your lamp.

Maxibright Digilight Ballasts will run both HPS and MH lamps and they can be used with any reflector that has an IEC connection fitted. They can be mounted easily to a wall or the rubber feet provided can be used to place them on the floor. The Digilight ballast is also equipped with end of lamp life detection and a shut off circuit for added safety.

These digital ballasts have proven reliability and they will make the perfect addition to partner your existing reflector and lamp.

Go on grow digital, you know it makes sense.

G1884  Maxibright DigiLight Digital Ballast - 150w 65.00
G1885  Maxibright DigiLight Digital Ballast - 250w 75.00
G1886  Maxibright DigiLight Digital Ballast - 400w 85.00
G1887  Maxibright DigiLight Digital Ballast - 600w 110.00

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