Pumps, Air Pumps & Heaters

Pumps, Air Pumps & Heaters

Active hydroponics requires regular amounts of water and nutrients to be delivered to your plant roots for your plants to survive. Pumps, air pumps and nutrient solution heaters can all be used to create and deliver a highly oxygenated nutrient rich solution, directly to your plant roots at the correct optimum temperature for them to thrive. We stock several submersible pumps, air pumps, air stones and nutrient solution heaters, which are all designed to help you easily achieve this.

Hydor Seltz Pumps

Hydor Seltz pumps are an all purpose high performance, submersible pump for hydroponics, fresh water and marine aquariums. Hydor Seltz pumps are a wet and dry pump so they can also be connected with pipes and placed outside of the water and used. They are available in three sizes, 700, 1200 and 2800 l/hr.

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Hydor Theo Heaters

Hydor Theo Heaters are the best water heaters money can buy for maintaining the correct temperatures in your nutrient solution. Hydor Theo Heaters have an adjustable temperature dial and can be positioned in a horizontal or vertical position inside your tank. These heaters are also great to use with aquariums.

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Maxi Jet MC Pumps

Maxi Jet MC submersible pumps are quite simply the best pumps on the market of their size. These pumps are great for small-scale DIY hydroponic systems and they also have an adjustable flow rate and a filter fitted inside the bottom of the pump that can be easily removed and cleaned regularly.

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Maxi Jet MJ Pumps

Maxi Jet MJ submersible pumps are the most popular pumps sold for hydroponics in the UK and they are also used in many aquariums. MJ pumps are high quality pumps that are resin encapsulated for quiet running and they are also of low power consumption. MJ pumps are fixed flow pumps delivering 480 and 1000 l/hr.

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MJ Pump Filters

These MJ pump filters are designed to be used with our Maxi Jet MJ submersible pumps as they fit neatly onto their plastic inlet covers. These filters can be used to stop any unwanted material from your water tank entering your MJ pump and irrigation delivery system, keeping your irrigation system clean and free of debris.

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Hailea HX Water Pumps

These submersible water pumps from Hailea are great if you need to move large amounts of water from your main tank to feed your plants. These pumps are very quiet when running and the inlet is at the bottom with the outlet at the top, allowing your tank to run low of water without burning the pump out.

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Hailea Air Pumps

Hailea Air Pumps are well manufactured and are great for aerating your nutrient solution or fish tank. These air pumps just require some air line and stones to be fitted to their outlets and they can be plugged in to constantly deliver plenty of fresh air bubbles into your water, keeping your plants or fish very happy.

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Hailea V Series Air Pumps

Hailea V Series Air Pumps are well manufactured to a very high quality and are quiet running. These metal encased air pumps will deliver plenty of air into your nutrient solution or fish tank and they are also supplied with a manifold so you can connect multiple airline and stones very easily, to aerate a larger area.

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Hailea Air Pump Manifolds

Hailea air pump manifolds can be used to connect to an air pump to create multiple outlets for several air stones to be placed into your water tank or system. They can also be used to connect to a pump for delivering your nutrient solution into your NFT system better, to provide you with a much greater spread.

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Air Line Tubing

This high quality clear silicon air line tubing is compatible with all our air pumps and manifolds and it allows the air to flow through very easily. When you are using air line with a manifold connected to several air stones, make sure to use the same length of line to each stone for an equal delivery of air into the water.

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Air Stones

These round polo and golf ball shaped air stones are great for any hydroponics system or fish tank when used with an air pump and pipe, to help raise oxygen levels and deliver loads of bubbles directly into your water. These air stones are also great for creating your very own DIY Deep Water Culture growing systems.

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