Buckets & Lids

Buckets & Lids
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If you are growing indoors you will need to regularly transport water to your grow room to feed your plants and the easiest way to do this is to use one of our buckets.

These high quality buckets come with a lid to seal the container and ensure you don't spill any water as you carry it into your grow room and the moulded handles are also extremely strong as well.

These buckets and lids are also great for creating your own DWC system, simply cut or drill a circular hole in the lid to fit a mesh pot for your plant and drill a small hole at the top side of the bucket to feed an air line through to connect to a stone inside and hey presto you have a 1 pot bubbler.

G2712  Bucket & Lid - 10 litre 2.95
G2713  Bucket & Lid - 20 litre 4.45

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