PH Probe Cleaning Solution

PH Probe Cleaning Solution
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If you own a PH meter you will at some stage need to clean the probe to ensure on going accuracy from your meter and the easiest way to do this is with Growth Technology's PH Probe Cleaning Solution.

Cleaning your probe is one of the most important tasks when you own and use a PH meter. If the probe is contaminated or dirty it affects the accuracy of the reading displayed on your PH meter which could result in your nutrient solution being maintained at incorrect levels for your plants to obtain the nutrients they require.

How To Use
Pour out a small amount of cleaning solution into a container and place the probe into the solution so it is totally submerged and leave for 24 hours to remove any deposits accumulated on the probe.

Discard any used cleaning solution as it may contaminate the unused solution if mixed.

G2322  PH Probe Cleaning Solution - 250ml 5.00

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