Philips HPS Lamps

Philips HPS Lamps
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If you want a top quality lamp for your HID grow light, you need a Philips.

Philips Son-T-PIA Plus lamps are ideal for indoor horticulture and they provide the correct spectrum of light for your plants to flourish. They can be used for vegetative growth and they are certainly well suited for flowering plants under.

Philips SON-T-PIA Plus lamps have a ceramic discharge tube with a Philips integrated antenna (PIA) for a long and reliable lifetime, with a high output. A high luminous efficiency makes these the most energy efficient HPS lamps that are completely lead free.

G1906  Philips HPS Lamp - 250w 14.95
G1907  Philips HPS Lamp - 400w 22.50
G1908  Philips HPS Lamp - 600w 33.00

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