Biobizz Leafcoat

Biobizz Leafcoat
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If you wish to strengthen your plants to help them defend themselves better from disease or an infestation of nasty critters, apply a layer of Biobizz Leafcoat over your plants foliage.

Biobizz Leafcoat is 100% organic and it is made from natural latex. When Leafcoat is applied to your plants foliage it will restrain evaporation from your plants by forming a thin layer of latex on the leaves that still allows them to breath. It helps to strengthen your plants to fight against any leaf fungi and disease and it will provide your plants with a powerful expelling effect on any harmful insects that may appear.

Top Tip
This is a product that should be used in the early stages of growth if your garden has previously been prone to disease or any infestations of insects.

How To Use
Biobizz Leafcoat can be applied to your plants when growing and only in the first few weeks of flowering.

Apply weekly to the whole of your plants foliage just before your lights are due to turn off.

G2510  Biobizz Leafcoat - 500ml 7.50

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