Canna Coco Nutrients

Canna Coco Nutrients
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Canna Coco nutrients are designed to be used with any coco coir growing media, either in slabs or pots.

Canna Coco nutrients are a two part A and B nutrient which is designed to be used for the whole cycle of your plants life, growing and flowering. You do not change the nutrient formula from Grow to Bloom, you just simply increase the amount of nutrients given to your plants at different stages and Canna Boost and PK13/14 additives can be added into the nutrient solution to help boost and increase your yield.

Canna coco nutrients contain all the essential elements your plants will require to grow fast and Humic and Fulvic acids are included for improved plant performance.

The taste and aroma from edible crops that are grown in a coco substrate and fed with coco specific nutrients can be quite amazing, you will be swinging from the trees.

How To Use
Always add equal amounts of A and B nutrient and stir well before testing your EC level.

G1523  Canna Coco - Grow/Flower 2 litre 12.45
G1524  Canna Coco - Grow/Flower 10 litre 34.95
G1525  Canna Coco - Grow/Flower 20 litre 55.50

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