Biobizz Root Juice

Biobizz Root Juice
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Biobizz Root Juice is a 100% vegetable based root stimulator that creates an abundance of new root growth when it is applied to young plants in their first week of vegetative growth.

Apart from stimulating new root growth, Biobizz Root Juice also helps to accelerate the uptake of nutrients through the root system of your plants and it can also be used throughout the growth period of your plants as an additive with your regular nutrients, to activate and stimulate the micro-organic life around the plants root system, helping to make your plants much stronger and more resistant to any disease.

If you are growing organically and you want your young plants to get off to a good start, try supplying their roots with some Biobizz Root Juice for an explosion of new roots to form very quickly and jumpstart your plants.

How To Use
Add 2 - 5ml per litre of water.

G1733  Biobizz Root Juice - 250ml 10.25
G1734  Biobizz Root Juice - 1 litre 30.95

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