Vitalink Biopac

Vitalink Biopac
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Vitalink Biopac is a beneficial bacteria booster, maximising nutrient uptake and is suitable for organic growing.

  • Biopac enriches the water or growing media with beneficial microbes to establish a population of beneficial bacteria that help fertility by providing long term and continuous cycle of both carbon based and mineral nutrients.
  • It also contains several strains of micro-organisms which promote a healthy root zone and greatly reducing chances of root diseases.
  • Biopac speeds up plant propagation and root development.
  • Directions of use: Propagation 50ml per litre of water.
  • Regular feed 3ml per 10 litre of water.

G1654  Vitalink Biopac - 250ml11.85 8.50
G1655  Vitalink Biopac - 1 litre29.85 24.00

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