Hydor Seltz Pumps

Hydor Seltz Pumps
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Hydor Seltz Pumps are a high performance water pump that can be used for hydroponics irrigation and also fresh water and marine aquariums.

Hydor Seltz pumps have an adjustable flow dial for greater control and an internal filter that can be removed and cleaned regularly. Suction feet fitted at the base keep the pump in place and also help to prevent any vibrating noises from occurring whilst in use.

These pumps can be submerged into your water tank and your pipe connected for delivery, or they can be used for non-submersible use. The pump can be placed outside of the tank and connected at the inlet and outlet holes with fittings that are provided and your pipe from your tank can be connected to the inlet hole of the pump, and the outlet fitting can have your pipe fitted that can be directed to deliver your water to wherever it is required to go.

All round these are a well manufactured, low level pump that we highly recommend for use with any application that requires the movement of water.

Litres Per Hour & Power Rating

Hydor Seltz L20 - 700 l/h - 14 watt.

Hydor Seltz L30 - 1200 l/h - 27 watt.

Hydor Seltz L40 - 2800 l/h - 55 watt.

G2100  Hydor Seltz Pump L20 25.00
G2101  Hydor Seltz Pump L30 36.00
G2102  Hydor Seltz Pump L40 48.00

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