DWC Potz Top Lid & Potz

DWC Potz Top Lid & Potz
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These DWC Potz and top lids are great to use if you wish to create your very own deep water culture growing system.

DWC Potz are drilled and supplied with a drain gland that fits and seals around 16mm pipe or 16mm fittings, to allow you to connect other Potz together. Two small holes are drilled at the top of the Potz to allow airline to fit through and also drip line in case you wish to re-circulate the solution around from each Potz.

DWC Top lids are punched with a 3" hole in the centre for a mesh pot and also a hole for an air filter to be fitted to allow the Potz and the solution inside to cool easily.

G0407  DWC Potz Top Lid 4.50
G0408  DWC Outer Potz 6.50

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