Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme

Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme
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If you wish to pot your plants into something special, try Soil Supreme from Plant Magic Plus.

Soil Supreme is a unique blend of sphagnum peat with Fytocell foam. It has an organic growth stimulant added into the mix, which is a great food source for beneficial fungi and micro-organisms. The special blend of Fytocell foam along with the organic growth stimulant will ensure that your plants benefit from a superior root environment. Fytocell foam is 100% Bio de-gradable and harmless to the environment, it is an excellent media for retaining moisture and with a good aeration rate.

Soil Supreme is a perfect mix for growers who wish to have total control over the amount of nutrients that are supplied to their plants from beginning to end.

G1433  Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme - 50 litre 11.00

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