Block Clean

Block Clean
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Essentials Block Clean is a natural and powerful non-toxic cleaner, that will keep your growing media clean and free from any algae forming, that may become a breeding ground for harmful pathogens.

With your growing media wet and your lights shining down, green slime (algae) can start to form on top of your media and the easiest way to remove this quickly is with a spray of Block Clean. It will eat into the algae and slowly remove the green slime from the top of your media to prevent any diseases from forming.

Essentials Block clean can be used on all types of growing media and even hydroponic systems like Wilmas or NFT and there is no need to remove your plants before you use this product.

How To Use
Spray the media, soaking the surface well.

Repeat once a day, over a three day period.

G2511  Block Clean - 750ml 4.95

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