NFT Multi Duct Water Tanks

NFT Multi Duct Water Tanks
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If you are creating your own Multi Duct NFT system with top trays and you require a nutrient tank, we offer a choice of two tanks suitable to use with any Multi Duct top tray, 6 or 8 foot in length.

These NFT Multi Duct nutrient tanks are made of black recycled food grade plastic, they are very rigid and capable of holding a full tank of water safely in your grow room.

Length, width, depth

125 litre - 119 x 67 x 26cm

190 litre - 211 x 60 x 23cm

G0626  NFT Multi Duct Water Tank - 125 litre 45.00
G0627  NFT Multi Duct Water Tank - 190 litre 70.00

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