Garland Trays

Garland Trays
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If you grow in pots and wish to contain the excess solution that runs off onto your floor when you water your plants, try using one of these trays.

Garland Trays are manufactured from recycled black polypropylene and they are very strong and durable, lasting for many years.

Garland Trays can be used indoors in your hydroponics grow room or tent and they are also ideal for outdoor use on a patio or in a greenhouse or conservatory.

G0914  Garland Square Tray - 60 x 60 x 7cm 6.50
G0915  Garland Square Tray - 100 x 100 x 12cm 23.00
G0916  Garland Square Tray - 120 x 120 x 12cm 32.50
G0917  Garland Rectangle Tray - 100 x 39 x 5cm 7.55
G0918  Garland Rectangle Tray - 120 x 55 x 5cm 12.75

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