Plant Magic Plus Catalyst

Plant Magic Plus Catalyst
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Plant Magic Catalyst is a 100% organic seaweed extract that will assist you to grow stronger, healthier plants.

Plant Magic Catalyst will encourage good root development when used at an early stage of your plants cycle and it will stimulate your plants growth. Regular use of Catalyst will improve your plants resistance to stress and diseases and Catalyst will also increase the chlorophyll production of your plants and promote biological activity in the soil, providing an available source of micro nutrients.

Even if you don't use the Plant Magic range, this is a product we recommend you use if you want to maintain lush green foliage on your plants.

How To Use
Foliar: Add 3ml per litre of water, thoroughly wetting leaves.

Young Plants: Add 3ml per litre of water.

Mature Plants: Add 3ml - 5ml per litre of water.

G1638  Plant Magic Plus Catalyst - 125ml 7.45
G1639  Plant Magic Plus Catalyst - 250ml 12.50
G1680  Plant Magic Plus Catalyst - 1 litre 44.50

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