Hailea Air Pump Manifolds

Hailea Air Pump Manifolds
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If you have an air pump that you wish to run several air lines from, you can use a Hailea Air Pump Manifold to divide your air lines to the areas you want them to go and with air stones or air curtains connected you can easily raise the oxygen levels in your nutrient tank or aquarium.

Top Tip
If we don't have a Hailea Air Pump Manifold suitable for your size system or tank, you can always cap some of the outlets with a small piece of air line and an irrigation goof plug, to create the exact amount of outlets you require.

G2119  Hailea Air Pump Manifold - 4 Outlet 1.50
G2120  Hailea Air Pump Manifold - 6 Outlet 1.75
G2121  Hailea Air Pump Manifold - 10 Outlet 2.00

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