Canna Aqua Nutrients

Canna Aqua Nutrients
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If you are growing hydroponically and would like to use a two part nutrient to feed your plants, we recommend you try Canna Aqua.

Canna Aqua nutrients are specifically designed for Hydroponics and they can be used with any re-circulating system, like NFT or flood and drain.
This two part formula contains Ph stabilisers, silicon, humic and fulvic acids and it is also rich in trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. Canna Aqua nutrients are capable of forming a semi-permeable membrane on the roots, which improves the plant's capacity to absorb water and nutrients to help improve the growth and yield from your crops.

Canna Aqua Vega is used for the growth stage of your plants and should be mixed into your water with equal amounts of A and B added. Canna Aqua Flores is used for the flowering stage of your plants and should also be added in equal amounts of A and B when mixing your solution. Start to use Aqua Flores when the first signs of flowers are appearing on your plants.

How To Use
Aqua Vega - Add 2ml of A+B per litre of water.

Aqua Flores - Add 2ml of A+B per litre of water.

PH Range 5.5 - 6.2

G1530  Canna Aqua Vega - Grow 2 litre 11.95
G1531  Canna Aqua Vega - Grow 10 litre 37.50
G1532  Canna Aqua Vega - Grow 20 litre 60.00
G1533  Canna Aqua Flores - Flower 2 litre 11.95
G1534  Canna Aqua Flores - Flower 10 litre 37.50
G1535  Canna Aqua Flores - Flower 20 litre 60.00

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