Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kits

Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kits
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These Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kits are perfect for growers who are looking for a low cost solution to remove the hot stale air and odours from their grow room.

Situated at the top of your grow room, these extraction kits will quietly draw all the hot stale air that rises in your room, into the carbon filter to absorb all the odours within the activated charcoal to allow only warm air to pass through.

These Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kits are supplied with a Prima Klima home edition carbon filter, which has a lifespan of 9-12 months when used correctly. A Vent's TT fan is also supplied with a cable and plug and will require some basic wiring.

Budget Extraction Kit Includes:
Prima Klima Budget Carbon Filter - 12 month life

Vents TT Inline Fan - Cable & Plug Inlcuded

Aluminium Ducting x 5 metres

Jubilee Clips x 3

Rated Air Flow
Extraction Kit 4" (100mm) - 187m3/hr

Extraction Kit 5" (125mm) - 280m3/hr

Extraction Kit 6" (150mm) - 450m3/hr

G20143  Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kit - 4" (100mm) 69.95
G20144  Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kit - 5" (125mm) 89.95
G20145  Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kit - 6" (150mm) 119.95

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