Prima Klima Lucilu Reflector

Prima Klima Lucilu Reflector
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The Prima Klima Lucilu Reflector is an adjustable, open ended dual parabolic winged reflector that is made from aluminium which is coated with glass, using advanced Physical Vapour Deposition technology.

PVD is a state of the art method for coating surfaces using vapourised atoms to give the material enhanced properties. The Lucilu therefore has a highly reflective and anti-corrosive surface which is perfectly designed to optimise the amount of light that is supplied to your plants.

The spine of the Lucilu provides superior strength to hold the wings firmly in position and the cables across them can be adjusted in slots in the wings. This design allows you to adjust the reflector into a narrow position to direct the light down towards your plant canopy, or you can adjust it to a wide setting to spread the light over a larger area and you can position it closer to your canopy, making the Lucilu an ideal reflector to use inside a grow tent or in a room that has a low ceiling height.

The Lucilu Reflector evenly compares to the Adjust-A-Wing reflector for performance, but it beats it on price.

Supplied with lampholder and four metres of cable with an IEC connection fitted.

Dimensions: 51 x 50cm

G1888  Prima Klima Lucilu Reflector - 250/400/600w 49.95

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