Flood Potz Systems

Flood Potz Systems

Flood Potz hydroponics systems are designed to flood with a nutrient solution to moisten the media and feed the plants through their roots, whilst air is pumped directly below the mesh baskets to aerate the solution, media and plant roots, leaving them submerged in an un-aerated solution for only a few minutes as the Potz drain. The draining process also draws large amounts of fresh air back into the media and amongst the roots, providing your plant roots with the optimum environment.

Flood 1 Potz System

The Flood 1 Potz is the ultimate hobby growers system, that combines flood and drain with Deep Water Culture as well. This system can store up to 25 litres of solution in the tank and requires 10 litres of media to fill the mesh basket. Tools are not required to assemble the system, just tighten by hand and away you grow.

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Flood 2 Potz System

The Flood 2 Potz System is a great hydroponic unit for anyone who wishes to grow just two plants and storing up to 35 litres of nutrient solution, this system can be left for several days before the next inspection. A 15 minute timer is all that is needed to control the flood times as the overflow design allows it to re-circulate.

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Flood 4 Potz System

The Flood 4 Potz System is ideal for growers who wish to use just one 600w grow light hung above. This system can store up to 50 litres of nutrient solution ready to flood the 10 litre mesh baskets above and then it can drain through special filters that prevent your roots from entering the pipes and blocking them.

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Flood 8 Potz System

The Flood 8 Potz System is designed to be used with at least two grow lights hung above to cover the plant canopy well. It can fit neatly into a 2.4 x 1.2 grow tent if required and the system can store up to 100 litres of nutrient solution to flood all the Potz and a Hailea V series air pump provides all the bubbles you will need.

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Flood Potz & Basket

These Flood Potz are available with the drain glands in the centre and also to the left and right to suit the type of Flood Potz System you have. The inner 10 inch mesh basket is fitted with an air stone at the base to connect an air line and pump to it, to aerate the solution, media and plant roots all at once.

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Flood Potz Tanks & Top Plates

These tanks are used for Flood Potz Systems and they are available in 25, 35, 50 and 100 litre sizes. The top plates are used to support the Flood Potz to allow them to be above the nutrient solution. Top plate pins are used for 1 and 8 Potz systems and there is also a support for large top plates on 4 and 8 Potz systems.

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