NFT MD603 System

NFT MD603 System
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If you wish to grow your plants in a large active hydroponics system, try this NFT MD603. It gives you total control over the amount of nutrient solution delivered to your plants and any excess solution not required can simply drain back into the tank below, making it a suitable system to be set up and left for several days before inspection.

The NFT MD603 still uses the same amount of parts as the MD601, a tank and pump with pipe and fittings, but with the added bonus of it being a much larger tank that can support two top trays instead of one. This gives you a square space of six foot by six foot to grow and flower your plants.

The NFT MD603 is our largest NFT hydroponic system that we stock, but if you wish to increase this unit to double its size you can, by simply adding two top trays, correx and stands and another pump, some pipe and fittings.

Top Tip
The 190 litre nutrient tank contains the pump that delivers the nutrient solution to both trays. To begin, an inline flow tap is fitted and the flow of solution should be kept low to allow your plant roots to settle into the fibre glass matting. Once your plants are well established you can open the flow tap more to allow more nutrient solution through to those thirsty plants above.

NFT MD603 Complete Kit Includes:
1 x Nutrient Tank 190 litre

2 x Top Tray 6' x 3'

2 x Tray Covers (correx)

20 x Correx Stud Covers

2 x Tray Stands

1 x Spreader Mat 100'

1 x MJ Pump 1000 l/hr

1 x 16mm Pipe 8 metres

2 x 16 Inline Flow Tap

2 x 16mm Elbow

3 x 16mm T

4 x 16mm Stop End

4 x 16mm T - 12mm Branch

4 x Blue Y Delivery Tubes

8 x Cable Ties

G0623  NFT MD603 System - Complete Kit 295.00

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