Canna Flush

Canna Flush
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If you are growing edible crops hydroponically or in soil, you will need to remove some of the nutrients from within the plant and media to enhance the taste and colour, prior to harvesting your crop and Canna Flush is just what you need.

Canna Flush is a plant flushing solution that is designed to remove any accumulation of salts that remain within the media and plants and when you are flushing your plants with Canna Flush the large leaves will quickly lose their colour and fade, which is a good sign that tells you the amount of nutrients within the plant, is quickly diminishing and your crop is nearly ready.

This is also a great product to have in your grow room in case you ever overfeed your plants. Administered for a couple of days it can remove the excess nutrients and get your plants back on track for a bountiful harvest.

How To Use
Start using one to two weeks before harvest and apply at the rates below.

Soil - Add 2ml per litre of water.

Hydroponics - Add 4ml per litre of water.

G1611  Canna Flush - 250ml 4.95
G1612  Canna Flush - 1 litre 9.75
G1613  Canna Flush - 5 litre 37.95

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